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Rhone Sparkling Water


Brand Identity




For this project, we were tasked with creating an original sparkling water brand. This included naming the product line, developing an identity, and putting together a visual brand language  represented through the packaging for three flavors. 

Groff_BrandDesign_ProcessBook 2-1.jpg

Mission statement

Our mission is to bring the Swiss history and tradition of sparkling

water to light through a clean, modern design.


Everyone drinks water,

We do it in style.

Swiss style.


In the late eighteenth century, Swiss amateur scientist, Johann Jacob Schweppe, developed and honed the first commercially practical process to mass manufacture carbonated mineral water in Geneva, based on Joseph Priestly’s research, finding the Schweppes Company in 1783. Geneva is located at the southwestern end of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) at its junction with the Rhône River. The river’s source is the Rhône Glacier, at the east edge of the Swiss canton of Valais.

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